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These collective works, published by Harmattan, are the result of the colloquium organised in Strasbourg at the Council of Europe on 25 and 26 May 2023 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the European Group of Magistrates for Mediation (GEMME). Under the direction of Béatrice Brenneur with the collaboration of François Staechelé and Sarah Hartmann-Lombard, they bring together the contributions of many members of the association, highlighting the innovative and decisive work of GEMME in establishing mediation in France and Europe.


Mediation and European institutions. GEMME 20 years already!

Proceedings of the Strasbourg conference, Council of Europe, the 25th and 26th of May 2023 - Celebrating 20 years since the creation of GEMME

Beatrice Blohorn-Brenneur coordinator

Contributions : Francis Dangel, Guy Canivet, Christophe Soulard, Frédérique Agostini, Éric Battistoni, Dragos Calin, Martine van der Wielen, Bertrand Delcourt, Muriel Décot, Alain Pilette, Virginia Melgar.

“For the past 20 years, your association has been working at both the national and European levels to promote amicable settlement, particularly in the context of the work of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice. GEMME is now a key player in this field, recognised for its expertise and regularly consulted by national and international institutions.” - Éric Dupond Moretti, Keeper of the Seals, Minister for Justice, France.


Mediation across the five continents: Dream or reality? GEMME, 20 years on!

The two days of the conference in Strasbourg (25 and 26 May 2023) were an opportunity to celebrate an important anniversary: 20 years of GEMME! 20 years of activism to develop mediation and amicable dispute resolution. Some of the founders were present: Guy Canivet, Béatrice Brenneur and Éric Battistoni. Speakers and participants from all over Europe came together to reflect on the achievements, projects and future prospects of GEMME, an association with over 300 members in France. It was an important occasion. Mr Dupond-Moretti, Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice in France, opened the proceedings, confirming by his presence his desire to develop a culture of amicable settlement at the heart of French courts. For many, a revolution! He outlined two flagship projects of his amicable settlement policy - the trial break and the amicable settlement hearing and encouraged everyone to persevere in their efforts: ”Let's roll up our sleeves and get moving! The amicable settlement policy is here and now, with you!”

Beatrice Blohorn-Brenneur coordinator

Contributions : Frédérique Agostini, Abder Ait Ouali, Didier Artus, Éric Battistoni, Stephen Bensimon, Jean-Paul Besson, Dragos Calin, Miltiadis Chatzigeorgiou, Saïda Chebili, Valérie Delnaud, Desislava Djarova, Alain Ducass, Mohammed El Ghor­ , Sylvie Favier, Danièle Ganancia, Philippe Gazagnes, Paul Gilligan, Chiara Giovannucci Orlandi, Anne Gongora, Emmanuel Jacubowitz, Jean A. Mirimanoff, Sylvie Mischo-Fleury, Thi My Hanh Ngo Folliot, Pascual Ortuño-Munoz, Timothy Powell, Emanuela Pucci, Barbara Régent, Yvane Cécile Robin, Karim Salem, Michel Tchicaya, Félix Tobin, Jean Pierre Vogel-Braun, Monika Wlodarczyk.


Ecology, environment, artificial intelligence and mediation

This book will approach the study if environmental mediation as the process of living together better in and alongside our natural environment. The aim of environmental mediation is to promote the harmonious coexistence between human beings, other species and their environment. It can help build a collective vision and reconcile individual interests with the general interest.

Beatrice Blohorn-Brenneur coordinator

Contributions : Myriam Bacqué, Linda Benraïs, Félix Braun, Anne-Laure Buisson, Séverine Carrez, Bruno Deffains, Sarah Hartmann-Lombard, Nicolas Le Méhauté, Gilles-Robert Lopez, Jordi Nieva-Fenoll, Louise Otis, François Staechelé, Hon. Elisabeth S. Stong.




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