GEMME was created in 2003 and is governed by the French law of July 1, 1901.
The group’s headquarters is fixed at Cour de Cassation de la République française, 5 quai de l’Horloge 75001 Paris.


GEMME goals are:

To promote the association of judges working to support mediation, with the purpose of strengthening and improving the practice of mediation.


To promote the exchange of information concerning practices and experience in the area of mediation, conciliation or any other alternative method of dispute resolution.


To contribute to the development of mediation and alternative methods of dispute resolution, by participating in conferences and activities, familiarizing professionals and citizens with mediation and participating in defining training of collaborating mediators.


To use any means to assist judges with their individual steps to support mediation and encourage training for the purpose of relevant and effective practice of it, as for any other alternative method of dispute resolution that is legally permitted.


The association is governed by a board of directors composed of at least five members elected by the General Assembly, to which will be added a member appointed by each national section established in the States of the European Union and A.E.L.E.

The board of directors shall select from among its members an Executive Committee composed of a president, a minimum of two and a maximum of four vice presidents, a secretary general and an assistant secretary general, a treasurer and an assistant treasurer.

The latest renewal of GEMME's Executive Committee took place during the General Assembly on June 11, 2022, held in Barcelone.


Current Executive Committee

President: Rosalía Fernández (Spain)
Vice-présidents: Avi Schneebalg (Belgium), Eric van Engelen (Nederlands), Monika Wlodarczyk (Poland) and Ugo Ferruta (Italy)
Secrétaire général: Anne Gongora (France)
Secrétaire général adjoint: Laura Van Der Krog (Nederlands)
Trésorier: Jacques Vernochet (France)
Trésorier adjoint: Carme Guil (Spain)
Membre consultatif: Paul Gilligan (Ireland)
Autres tâches spécifiques : Mary Rose Gearty (Ireland), Konstanze Thau (Austria), Monica Velletti (Italy), Camilla Hölzer (Germany), Michèle Weil (France)
The previous president, the French magistrate Béatrice Brenneur remains as President of Honor.


A national section is formed as soon as there are seven members for the same country. The sections that are in the process of being established are permitted to appoint an observer for the board of directors.

You can access the website of the national section (if it has one) by clicking on its flag or on the name of the country.












Do you want to become a member of GEMME?

Judges, professionals and non-professionals are eligible, either practicing or honorary. Courts in which these judges work may also be eligible. Associate members may be appointed upon agreement of the Executive Committee, including attorneys, academics and any other qualified persons who demonstrate an interest in mediation and work to promote it.
Members of the association unite in sections established in each State of Europe.