The book “GEMME: 20 years promoting mediation in Europe” is now available.

Today, March 19, 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of the registration of GEMME's Declaration as an Association at the Prefecture of Police in Paris. On this occasion we present the book that summarizes the most important milestones of GEMME in these first two decades of history.

On 19 December 2003 6 judges from Germany, 15 judges from Belgium, 35 judges from France, 1 judge from The Netherlands, 3 judges from Italy, 1 judge from Portugal and 1 judge from the United Kingdom met at the Cour de Cassation in Paris for the constituent assembly of GEMME. This is how the European Group of Magistrates for Mediation (GEMME) was born.

Three months later, on March 19, 2004 and in accordance with French law, GEMME's declaration of association was registered at the Prefecture of Police in Paris.

In these two decades of history, GEMME has grown from the 62 founders representing 7 countries to more than 800 members that GEMME has today, 75% of whom are judges, and 25 countries (members and observers).

During these 20 years, GEMME has developed numerous activities to promote mediation in Europe and has become a benchmark in the field of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods, not only in the courts of law, but also to various national and European institutions.

The book we present today is a summary of the history and activities of the association, together with the reflections and good wishes of some of the people who have been most relevant to its history. The publication also includes a brief historical account of the association in the different countries, as well as a summary of the legal status of mediation in each of them. Finally, it includes a photo gallery with some of the photos that illustrate the history of GEMME.

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Currently in English, it will be translated into other languages as well. Download the PDF.

We hope you find this publication interesting and useful and that you will join us in celebrating 20 years of GEMME. Congratulations and thank you all!


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