GEMME General Assemblies May 24 and 25, 2024 Paris

On Friday 24 May 2024, GEMME held its general assemblies in the Grand Chamber of the Cour de Cassation, the venue where it was founded in 2003. The day was marked by academic debates and round tables on the role of the supreme courts and mediation in cases of domestic and gender violence, and continued on Saturday with workshops on judicial conciliation. The assemblies concluded with the election of new board members.

On Friday May 24, 2024, GEMME held its general assemblies in the Grand'chambre of the Cour de cassation, the same building where its founding members held their inaugural meeting on December 19, 2003.

The day was opened by Mr Christophe Soulard, First President of the Cour de Cassation, and Mr Anders Eka, President of the Supreme Court of Sweden and President of the Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union. Mrs Rosalia Fernandez Alaya, GEMME President for the past 4 years, closed this introduction and launched the academic proceedings.

A first round table, moderated by Mr Paul Gilligan (GEMME Ireland), considered the possible role of supreme courts and judicial councils. Ms. Benédicte Inghels (GEMME Belgium), Mr. Ugo Ferruta (GEMME Italy) and Mrs. Natalie Fricero (GEMME France) shared their countries' thoughts and experiences. Their comments were enriched by a contribution from Thomas Lyon Caen, President of the French Bar Association (Ordre des Avocats au Conseil d'Etat et à la Cour de Cassation).

A second round table, moderated by Mr. Jacques Salzer (GEMME France), looked at the role of communication, negotiation and mediation in situations of domestic violence and gender-based violence. Mrs Carme Guil (GEMME Spain), Mrs Linda Benrais (GEMME France), Mr Guillaume Barbe, member of Grevio, and Dr François Pontonnier, negotiator for the Gendarmerie Nationale, spoke about these issues as they arise in the closed circle of the family, at the scene of a crime or in a theater of armed conflict.

Friday's academic work continued the morning of Saturday 25th in partnership with IFOMENE at the Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP).

With the assistance of Mrs Camilla Holzer (GEMME Germany), Mrs Sylvie Frankignoul (GEMME Belgium) and Mrs Anabelle Melka (GEMME France), the first workshop provided an opportunity to compare the judicial conciliation practices of German, Belgian and French judges, under the expert eye of Mrs de Kovachich, an expert from Quebec.

The final workshop, led by Mrs Nathalie Bourgeois de Ryck (GEMME France), highlighted three Justice-Education partnerships developed with the support of their respective courts by Mrs Magdalena Korzonec (GEMME Poland), Mrs Rosalia Fernandez (GEMME Spain) and Mr Vivien David (GEMME France) to promote amicable settlement in schools.

The afternoon of Friday May 24 was devoted to GEMME's statutory business and the signing of an agreement with the European Bars Federation.

The general meetings concluded with the election of new members to the association's Board of Directors. The Board then proceeded to elect its Chairman, Vice-Chairman and General Secretary. Mrs Frédérique Agostini (GEMME France) was elected President. Mrs Monika Wlodarczyk (GEMME Poland), Mr Ugo Ferruta (GEMME Italy), Mr Paul Gilligan (GEMME Iralnde) and Mr Dragos Calin (GEMME Romania) were elected vice-presidents. Mr François Staechelé (GEMME France) and Mrs Laura Van der Krogt (GEMME Netherlands) will act as General Secretaries.

Last but not least, GEMME members gathered for convivial moments in the salons of the Senate, in the gardens of the ICP and on the Ile de la Cité, within the walls of the Sainte-Chapelle and the Conciergerie.


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