Discovering Restorative Justice: Strategies for Change. The Irish example.

It is a project that aims to promote the development of Restorative Justice in Europe. Restorative Justice: Strategies for Change is already established in ten countries, where a core group of four persons the ‘Core Members’ – are collaborating with domestic policymakers, practitioners, researchers, activists and other interested parties – the ‘Stakeholder Group’ – to […]

Online training: Mediation, conciliation and other ADRs (April 26 and 27)

On April 26 and 27, 2021 Institut de Formation Judiciaire (Belgium) offers an online training which is chaired and organized by the Vice-President of GEMME and Belgian Peace Judge, Avi SCHNEEBALG. This is a training program (only in French) intended especially for judges and magistrates. Attending the online training program is free for GEMME judges […]

January 21: European Day of Mediation

On January 21, the European Day of Mediation is celebrated in commemoration of the approval of the first European legislative text on mediation.The Recommendation R (98) on Family Mediation was approved by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. Since then, alternative methods for conflict resolution have not stopped advancing, although slower than […]