20 years since the first GEMME meeting

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the first meeting of GEMME, which took place at the Cour de Cassation in Paris on 19 December 2003 (photo) and was attended by more than 60 magistrates from 7 European countries (Belgium (15), France (35), Germany (6), Holland (1), Italy (3), Portugal (1) and the United Kingdom (1)) who were keen to promote mediation in the courts, certain that this would be very positive for both justice and citizens.

Although the association was legally registered three months later, the seed planted by the founders has borne marvellous fruit in these two decades of history, as today 25 countries (including observers) and more than 800 members are part of GEMME. This has been possible thanks to the commitment and efforts of many judges, magistrates and other professionals in the field of mediation and the courts, whose enthusiasm and good work have made great progress in promoting mediation in Europe.

Thank you very much and congratulations to all of you on the 20th anniversary of GEMME.


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