Chronicle of the debate “Influence of Greek philosophy on today’s mediators”: video and speeches

Last 10th of November 2023 in the Greek Ministry of Justice in Athens, GEMME celebrated its 20th anniversary with an institutional event, the second part of which was devoted to an interesting debate aimed at establishing parallels between Greek philosophy and mediation today, focusing on the tools that Greek thinkers of antiquity brought to mediators.

The debate, moderated by Tomi Kimiskidou (Judge, Court of Appeal of Athens and Board member of GEMME Hellas), had as speakers - Jean A. Mirimanoff (Honorary judge and accredited mediator, founder of GEMME Switzerland), George Papageorgiou (Supreme Court Judge and accredited mediator, VicePresident of GEMME Hellas) and Poly Tsitsoni (Lawyer and accredited mediator).

Catherine Kotsaki (Honorary Lawyer and President of the Hellenic Union of Mediators) also spoke as a special guest.

As a pre-debate activity, Ioanna Stratsiani (Judge, Court of Appeal of Athens and General Secretary of Gemme Hellas), presented the National Committee for Accreditation of mediator.

Below we share the video of the session and at the end of this article you can download the full texts of the different interventions.




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