Mediation week organized by the Brussels “Jeune Barreau”

The Jeune Barreau is joining forces with Mediation Week to offer you 4 training courses on various themes during the mediation week from Monday 11 to Friday 15 October 2021.

The Jeune Barreau is a non-profit association and now has the following corporate purpose: "Any activity relating even indirectly to the profession of lawyer, the life of the bar, the technical and intellectual development of its members, as well as mutual aid confraternal. "

4 Midday training on the theme of mediation (in French)

Each of these training courses is approved by the OBFG for 2 permanent training points and the CFM for 2 hours of training.

• October 11, 2021: Psychology of mediation - Cognitive biases and other illusions
Teacher. Séphanie Demoulin and Me Gérard Kuyper

• October 12, 2021: Confidentiality in mediation, a (really) well-kept secret?
My Anne-Marie Boudart and Marie Dupont

• October 13, 2021: Resistance to referral to mediation How to understand them? - Crossed views of a magistrate and a lawyer
Ms Pascale France and Me Michel Forges

• October 15, 2021: Mediation and conflict prevention methods in a contractual relationship - Crossed views between a lawyer and a chartered accountant
Mr. Charles Markowicz and Mr. Steve Griess

You have the possibility to follow these Midi of the training face-to-face (Rue de la Régence, 63 - 1000 Brussels) or online.

For face-to-face and online registration:


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