GEMME’s German section now has its own website

It is with great pleasure that we announce that GEMME Deutchland has a new website. A new site to provide information about GEMME's activities (whether in Europe or in Germany) in German.

We reproduce below the welcome letter of Camilla Hölzer, the first First Chairwoman of GEMME Deutschland.


Dear visitors of this website,
the most important current news is that I can welcome you here! 

It has taken a long time - too long - for GEMME Deutschland to get its first website. I am very pleased that it has finally succeeded!

The new website will be able to provide information about the activities of Gemme EU and GEMME Deutschland in German, making the organisation's work more transparent overall.

I also hope that the website will enable us to attract many German and German-speaking judges, mediators and experts interested in the further development of alternative dispute resolution methods in Germany and Europe as members of GEMME Deutschland.

With this in mind, the members of Gemme Germany involved in the creation of the website - Camilla Hölzer, Freya Entringer, Peter Osten, Roland Fritz, Elisabeth Lintl - look forward to 2024 with great confidence.

We would like to thank the Communications Manager of Gemme EU, Myriam Rius, for her help in setting up our website.

Camilla Hölzer
First Chairwoman GEMME Deutschland

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