Peace judge, conciliation, mediation and me

Testimony from Avi Schneebalg for the special issue of Journal des Juges de Paix (Peace Judges Journal, Belgium) dedicated to te Alternate Methods for Conflict Resolution. Avi Schneebalg is a peace judge, the French-speaking head of formation in conciliation and mediation in the Institut de Formation Judiciaire, as well as Vice-president of GEMME (Groupement européen des Magistrats pour la Médiation; European Group of Magistrates for Mediation).

We launch this website’s library with an interesting and enjoyable article written by our Vice-president, titled “Le juge de paix, la conciliation, la médiation et moi”, in which, after summarizing his professional career, he addresses the secret and classic indications in order to start and succeed in conciliation or mediation. During the conclusions, he defends the importance of the alternate methods for conflict resolution against conflict judicialization.

The whole article can be downloaded via this link, and it is already part of the library of our website (French only)

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