Contribution of GEMME Spain to the Draft Law on Mediation approved by the Spanish Council of Ministers

By the end of 2020, the Council of Ministers of Spain approved a Draft Law to regulate the Procedural Efficiency Measures of the Public Justice Service, which directly affects intrajudicial mediation, subsequently opening a period of public consultation.

The Spanish national section of GEMME took the opportunity to gather the opinions of its associates in order to present a consolidated document with the contributions of all of them to the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

This is the aforementioned document with the contributions and opinions of the Spanish magistrates (only available in Spanish).

The document has the following structure:
1. Background
2. General assessment of the preliminary project
3. Proposals
a. On the explanatory memorandum
b. About the articulated
4. Final thoughts

The section on proposals on the articles is the longest in the document and the one that contributes specific improvements to the Draft Law.

The last paragraph of the document confirms the commitment of our association: "GEMME Spain will continue working to, where appropriate, expand and improve this proposal. It offers maximum collaboration and institutional loyalty in order to contribute to the paradigm shift based on the Law that our society needs inescapably. "


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