GEMME Ireland Mediation Event with the Family Mediation Service

GEMME Ireland with the Family Mediation Service hosted a very successful mediation seminar event on 4th November 2021 in Green Street Courthouse, in the centre of Dublin.

The mediation event was a ‘fish-bowl’ demonstration by experienced practising mediators in the Family Mediation Service on how mediation works in a high-conflict situation such as a domestic violence context. Explanatory descriptions of each phase of the mediation process were provided throughout by Fiona McAuslan, Director of the Family Mediation Service. The format of the event lent itself to questions and responses from the floor as the mediation process unfolded. Attendees discussed ways of de-escalating conflict. Various contexts in which mediation would or would not be an appropriate dispute resolution approach were also explored. One judge in attendance commented that, while she had sent many cases for mediation in a commercial context, she had never actually seen a mediation in progress and the experience was hugely informative.

The event was live-streamed and, in line with COVID-19 restrictions, a limited number of attendees in-person was permitted. The Presidents of the High Court and of the District Court were present, as was Mr. Justice MacMenamin from the Supreme Court. Colleagues from across Europe tuned in online, as did many members of GEMME Ireland.

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