GEMME Switzerland will celebrate its 20th anniversary on 20 September 2024 in Neuchâtel

This is a celebration in which all GEMME members, whether from Switzerland or other national sections, are invited to take part. The day will begin at 8.30am with a training session for GEMME members only, followed by a colloquium open to all interested parties from 2pm, and will end with a 20th anniversary party at 5.45pm.

On Friday 20 September, GEMME Switzerland is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an exciting event in the city of Neuchâtel.

The day will begin at 8.30am at the University of Neuchâtel with a training session reserved for GEMME members and the General Assembly of GEMME Suisse.

It will be followed at 2pm by a conference open to all interested parties entitled ‘Manipulation: discerning it, identifying it and distancing yourself from it’. (French only)

All the information and the registration form can be downloaded in PDF format via  this link (French only).

The event will conclude with an evening at the charming Hôtel Alpes et Lac. An aperitif at 5.45pm, followed by a mentalism show and a cocktail reception. Detailed information and the registration form can be downloaded in PDF format via the following link (French only).

More information: GEMME Switzerland website .

The Swiss Committee would be delighted to welcome members of other GEMME national sections. To follow the day's symposiumm you need to understand French.
For the evening, with the exception of the show, which will be in French, there will be enough people who understand English to be able to communicate in that language too.

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